Yamaha reveals the Tricity 300

2020 three-wheel scooter by Yamaha named the Tricity 300 has been showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

Yamaha at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 unveiled its three-wheel scooter, branded as the Yamaha Tricity 300. This new tri scooter is based on the concept of 3CT which was showcased last year at the EICMA 2018, Although the company hasn’t revealed its specifications yet, the Yamaha Tricity 300 squeezing itself between the Tricity family, it will be placed above the Tricity 125 and it might be placed below the NIKEN GT which makes us define that it is powerful enough to take out on the road but it cannot be ridden as rough and tough as the sporty NIKEN GT although considering the Tricity 300 is a scooter after all.

Talking about the design elements of this two-wheeler it does gets some of the creases and sharp lines and ends from its family but it has got a bold new aggressive look on the front.

Although Yamaha plans to reveal its specifications on the EICMA 2019 show, we will have to only wait until then. The scooter will be available in the European market very soon, making it a potential product to attract a whole new audience.

Yamaha also showcased a closed three-wheeler scooter with the Tricity 300 at the Tokyo Motor show but aesthetically it is a lot different than the Tricity 300 where the MW Vision has a closed body cockpit featuring a mix of robotics and automobility. Both the new scooters despite being a tri-wheel system has the ability to lean just like any other two-wheeler in the market. These premium vehicles from the Japanese giant are in tune with human interference and technology, the front features two wheels placed side by side with robotic and mechanical systems that give it the ability of lean and balance the vehicle on a different level of experience; whereas the rear end has a single wheel, which is pretty much same as that from its Tricity family.

Certainly, the Indian market isn’t ready for three-wheel scooters, with the doubt that which motor license can be issued for this type of vehicle moreover the Tricity 125 came back in 2017 and it was not brought in India so it is unfortunate to expect this beast in our country anytime soon.


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