Toyota has plans to bring Battery Operated Vehicles to India

Toyota Motor Corporation has confirmed that it will be bringing its Battery Operated Vehicles (BEV's) in India very soon.

Toyota Motor Corporation, Japanese carmaker company has confirmed that it will be bringing its Battery Operated Vehicles (BEV) to the Indian market. Ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 the company’s Cheif Technological Officer recently tweeted that they will be working with Maruti to make electric vehicles available in India soon, Terashi further mentioned that

"We will start with a compact BEV at an early stage... Since we are working (on it) with Suzuki, I cannot share the timeline."

The business partnership between Suzuki Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation, the first Toyota Product launched under this alliance was the Toyota Glanza and with exploring ideas and strategies for growing their market in India both the companies have come together on producing Electric Vehicles for the Indian market, Specifically it was said that Suzuki will be producing EV’s for the Indian market and Toyota will supply with technology. However, with the recent tweet from the CTO of Toyota Motor Corporations,

“India is one of the countries we have in mind for BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) and we want to introduce them at an early stage along with Maruti”

This states that Toyota has plans for bringing the BEVs to India soon and as on October 24th the Toyota Motor Corporation at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 will be introducing its BEV which is said to go on sale in Japan by January 2020, which will be a two-seat compact urban electric vehicle capable of traveling 100 kilometers on a single charge with a top speed of about 60kph that is 2490mm long, 1290mm wide and 1550mm high; built to meet new micro car regulations in Japan. Which makes us a question, will this two-seater urban compact Battery Electric Vehicle come to India?

Whereas the Maruti’s Wagon-R based Electrical Vehicle which we have seen road testing aggressively on the streets of India is set to launch in 2020. Under the FAME II scheme of the government providing subsidies for Electric Vehicles in India this car will be aggressively priced and might be only available for commercial buyers because of its high cost. As far now expecting Toyota’s version of the Wagon-R electric vehicle will be much anticipated and as the information is scarce, it might be altogether a new product using the technology of the Maruti Wagon-R EV.

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