Sherco TVS Rally Factory Team performs well at the Rally of Morocco 2019

By the end of stage 3 on day fourth, Johnny Aubert, Michael Metge & Lorenzo Santolino outperformed with standings as P4, P9 & P12 respectively.

Johnny Aubert at P4

The Rally of Morocco 2019, at the end of its 4th Day by Stage 3, and rallying for about a distance of 540 Kilometres we saw an unbelievable strong show by the Sherco TVS Rally Factory Team in the Marathon stage ( FIM Motorcycle Category).

The rally started with a rocky train that had its own challenges for the riders, which took them from tedious navigations and until the riders got confident with their rides; as along they spent more and more time with these finely tuned bikes from the team itself.

At the end of the second and final leg of the marathon stage the riders had completed a total of 540 kilometers in total, were at the 3rd stage the riders of the TVS Rally Factory Team outperformed with Johnny Aubert at P4, Michael Metge at P9 and finally the P12 is grabbed by Lorenzo Santolino.

Michael Metge at P9

The Sherco TVS Rally Team’s racer who hold the P4, Johnny Aubert conveyed that he was happy at the end of the Marathon stage with a good note and that the first half was a bit tricky where the rocky train tested him, to which he also added that the rest of the race was smooth which is where it helped them grab the lead. Further, he ended his good note saying:

“I am grateful to the team for developing the bike as per the need of the track and my confidence with handling the bike is increasing along with each stage.”

Meanwhile, Davis Casteu who is the team manager of the Sherco TVS Rally Factory Team addressed that:

“We are thrilled to finish the marathon stage with good rankings. Johnny is riding remarkably well in the Rally, with Michael and Lorenzo working together to give a strong finish to the team. Our technical team is giving constant support to our racers without taking rest for a single day and I can’t thank them more.”

After this really exhausting stage, the riders look back happily, resting, relaxing and preparing for their next stage. The Penultimate Stage 4 of the rally will cover 510 Kilometre to Erfoud.

Lorenzo Santolino at P12


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