MG Motor India supports Women in India with "Drive Her Back"

MG Motor India took up an initiative to bring back Women into the workplace under the "Drive Her Back" program.

“Drive Her Back” is a unique initiative by MG Motors India. On October 9th at New Delhi President and Managing Director Rajeev Chaba announced this interesting program which enables women to get back on track of their professional life and return back to the workplace with dignity and pride. Under this 1 year; returnee-ship program the selected women will receive mentoring and training that will help them to regain comfort in the corporate environment and embrace work-life balance. The opportunities comprise of networking and professional development and create a diverse pool of highly talented women who will help towards the growth of MG motor India. The conditions for applying are as follows:

  • Minimum 2 years of work experience

  • Background of Technical, Strategic and commercially focused projects

Applications can be filed @jobsforher portal and the process is quite simple as MG Motor India will go through the projects and work done in the “Drive Her Back” program and with subject to availability and vacancies, the candidate will be hired with a payroll. Rajeev Chaba added, “In India, the majority of females do not resume work after taking a career break. Through the ‘Drive Her Back’ campaign, we are assisting women looking to reclaim their space in the corporate corridors. Diversity and inclusion are the fundamentals of a successful business and as an organization, MG endeavors to build a culture that supports these two critical aspects”.

Surveys in the Industry enlighten us that 50% of women retire at the age of 30 to take care of their children and 48% of women drop within four months of returning from their maternity leave. If we think of it psychologically, there is a need for more comfort for women at work, managing the household and the work side by side is itself a challenge and when it comes to this point, women sacrifice and dedicate their life towards their family and their children.

Yashwinder Patial who is the director of Human Resource at the MG Motor India said that the integral part of the workforce at MG motor India comprises Women who hold positions at various departments. While understanding the human culture he mentioned, at MG India they believe in comforting and giving adequate support to Women and the women workforce here already comprises about 31% which makes it the most diverse environment in the industry.

Morris Garages Motor India is a UK based car manufacturer company famous for its sports, roadsters and cabriolet series; forms on pillars of Diversity, Innovation, Experience, and Community. These four pillars at MG Motor India have given rise to this amazing program with a tricky and beautiful name “Drive Her Back”.

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