Maruti Suzuki celebrates with Ghar Aaya Tyohar Campaign

With this festive season, Maruti Suzuki has launched its attractive advertisement campaign known as "Ghar Aaya Tyohar".

Its Diwali season and Maruti Suzuki has come up with a new campaign to celebrate this joyous occasion. Maruti holds a special place in every Indian because it is associated in some or the other way and through this campaign, Maruti wants to celebrate the love, the relationship, the emotions, and their trust. Through their products, Maruti is trying to show how people from different religions in India are celebrating that one festival- Diwali which binds all these people together.

Also, Maruti is showing their various products and how one vehicle can be so impactful that people treat them as a part of their family. Maruti has always targeted this festival season because it is that time of year when people try to forget everything that has happened bad in their life and they want to start a new life with new connections, friendships and Maruti wants to connect with new customers and also maintain their trust and relationships make them more strong. Maruti always has that Indianness in their products which immediately attracts people towards them also the image that Maruti has created in the minds of the people. It wants people of all ages to love them and be a part of their family.

Shashank Srivastav, who is an executive director in Marketing and Sales at the Maruti Suzuki India said that:

“Festivals are a high point in the life of people. India is diverse, people are diverse and so are the festivals and the occasions to celebrate. Every festival is celebrated in its own beautiful way. However, a few things always remain common like celebration, happiness and bringing home a Maruti Suzuki. With our new Ghar Aaya Tyohar commercial, we intend to strengthen the same thought and provide people the same happiness and pride of owning a Maruti Suzuki car which we have delivered for decades”.

This campaign helps build positivity among the stakeholders of the company. Maruti Suzuki is proud to be the popular and most trusted brand in the country with being a part of lives from different age groups, where Maruti is celebrating this season while promising this brand trust among their reliable customers for their journey.

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